Money, Caring and Home

So we've all been a bit quiet on here, that's partly because it's the holidays and we're talking money....doing all the research for these is hard work! However I got here eventually!!! I'm here to talk benefits and money generally, but for carers and the home. I will not be talking about PIP, DLA and … Continue reading Money, Caring and Home


Charity begins at home….

e all know the saying, no doubt we have used it time and time again, I know I have even said it out-loud to a couple of people and with the rising cost of living it sure becomes harder and harder to not say it on a daily basis. I am sure all of us at some point in time have had to make a choice on which bill to pay, if we can afford that extra item in the shopping basket, if we really can justify that new t-shirt or a day out.  Some people may have faced even harder financial hardship where it becomes a daily battle to have food in your stomach and a roof over your head..... it seems to be something that everyone at one point in life can relate on some level, yet it is almost unspoken about in relation to the costs of being chronically ill.