Where oh where have you been?!?… what happened in my week (and a bit) of silence.

So we went from blog posts EVERY day to falling off the face of the earth, well a few reasons, getting home from the Brompton, I was exhausted... so a nice chilled Friday prepping for Tattoo Saturday.... I have slowly (not through choice) been working on my sleeve.  So I have sat 4 times, with … Continue reading Where oh where have you been?!?… what happened in my week (and a bit) of silence.


Things that make you go…..

Ok Ok so I had to ask Arnie to help on this one .... but I think he says it best... when hes moaning and barking at the stupidness of the comments people make. As an asthmatic we often have to present at Accident and Emergency and normally end up in RESUS in a matter … Continue reading Things that make you go…..

End of stays…..

Well it is the end of that one ... for the moment.  It is really nice to get out of hospital early and with a further clean action plan. The wine is poured, the chocolate ready and Netflix is currently on pause whilst I write this blog on the last day in hospital. After starting … Continue reading End of stays…..

Wicked Wango Wednesday…

So it is the end of the third day here in the Brompton and for me it was beyond boring and slow.  I spent the first part of this morning having breakfast, getting showered and ready for the day. Once I was all ready and set up for the day, I had very little to … Continue reading Wicked Wango Wednesday…

Things that go bump in the night…

Last night I took my war paint off, changed into my Pajamas's, snuck out my power snack of Wine Gums and popped on some Netflix for a little solo Chill.  (FYI "You Get Me" not a good movie people).  The only other person in this Bay is off in the TV lounge with one of … Continue reading Things that go bump in the night…

Ohhh… Monday was far from a funday….

So... it's coming up to the end of the first day here and boy what a day. After leaving my house at around 8:30am.... I made the trip to the Royal Brompton.  Walking into the historic building this hospital is housed in is always a little strange. Wooden staircases which are next to modern elevators … Continue reading Ohhh… Monday was far from a funday….

Time to pack…. again

It's 17:20 on a sunny Sunday afternoon and I am enjoying my last few hours of "freedom" before checking into the Royal Brompton for a week worth of specialist tests and treatments. As most people know since July 2016 my Asthma has moved to the most volatile it has ever been. I can't say I … Continue reading Time to pack…. again


Inspiration; Noun the process of being mentally stimulated to do or feel something, especially to do something creative. the quality of being inspired. a person or thing that inspires. Pretty impressive word isn’t it??? I don’t think it really describes me, although recently I have been called this many times & whilst it is an … Continue reading Inspiration….

Drama-Lama…. or just the pure hard reality.

I often don't post the full drama behind an attack, there is a reason for this.  It is scary... it is very hard to go through & most of all, I don't like others to worry.  With the fact that my Brittle Asthma seems to be trying it's hardest to kill me, maybe it's time … Continue reading Drama-Lama…. or just the pure hard reality.

Just Breathe……..

As you know I have Brittle Asthma.  I was diagnosed after a very severe case of Mycoplasma Pneumonia in 2012, whilst spending nearly 3 months (thank you again to all the staff at West Middlesex Hospital) treating the infection & getting the Asthma under control. What is Brittle Asthma I hear you scream... or maybe roll … Continue reading Just Breathe……..