Ohhh… Monday was far from a funday….

So... it's coming up to the end of the first day here and boy what a day. After leaving my house at around 8:30am.... I made the trip to the Royal Brompton.  Walking into the historic building this hospital is housed in is always a little strange. Wooden staircases which are next to modern elevators … Continue reading Ohhh… Monday was far from a funday….


Time to pack…. again

It's 17:20 on a sunny Sunday afternoon and I am enjoying my last few hours of "freedom" before checking into the Royal Brompton for a week worth of specialist tests and treatments. As most people know since July 2016 my Asthma has moved to the most volatile it has ever been. I can't say I … Continue reading Time to pack…. again


Inspiration; Noun the process of being mentally stimulated to do or feel something, especially to do something creative. the quality of being inspired. a person or thing that inspires. Pretty impressive word isn’t it??? I don’t think it really describes me, although recently I have been called this many times & whilst it is an … Continue reading Inspiration….

Drama-Lama…. or just the pure hard reality.

I often don't post the full drama behind an attack, there is a reason for this.  It is scary... it is very hard to go through & most of all, I don't like others to worry.  With the fact that my Brittle Asthma seems to be trying it's hardest to kill me, maybe it's time … Continue reading Drama-Lama…. or just the pure hard reality.

Just Breathe……..

As you know I have Brittle Asthma.  I was diagnosed after a very severe case of Mycoplasma Pneumonia in 2012, whilst spending nearly 3 months (thank you again to all the staff at West Middlesex Hospital) treating the infection & getting the Asthma under control. What is Brittle Asthma I hear you scream... or maybe roll … Continue reading Just Breathe……..