Charity begins at home….

e all know the saying, no doubt we have used it time and time again, I know I have even said it out-loud to a couple of people and with the rising cost of living it sure becomes harder and harder to not say it on a daily basis. I am sure all of us at some point in time have had to make a choice on which bill to pay, if we can afford that extra item in the shopping basket, if we really can justify that new t-shirt or a day out.  Some people may have faced even harder financial hardship where it becomes a daily battle to have food in your stomach and a roof over your head..... it seems to be something that everyone at one point in life can relate on some level, yet it is almost unspoken about in relation to the costs of being chronically ill.


“You’re not alone” – Meet Olivia Fulton

Olivia is an active blogger  on Anonymous Asthma and you will be seeing a couple of guest blogs from her on here, so here is your chance to meet the lady behind the posts..... Olivia Fulton - Who am I? 31, Female and from Edinburgh, Scotland. She is single with no children or pets. What I have..... I … Continue reading “You’re not alone” – Meet Olivia Fulton

“You are not alone” – Meet Lynn Gardner

Lynn Gardner - Who am I??? 38 (although I feel a lot older) Female London (UK) although I do travel a lot with work I am single with no children or pets. Although I am often found snuggling other peoples. What I have..... I was diagnosed with Asthma as a child, which was always difficult … Continue reading “You are not alone” – Meet Lynn Gardner

“A Mask of Gold hides all deformities” – Thomas Dekker

Before you ask not a quote from the "Heroes" star or the road cycilist, but the  English Elizabethan dramatist , but still stands very true in many walks of life.  This time though I am going to blog about something that I have been asked to, my masks. Now please excuse the (un)glamorous no-makeup look, but … Continue reading “A Mask of Gold hides all deformities” – Thomas Dekker

Doesn’t matter, you will never understand…..

*** Before I start this post, I want to start with a little disclaimer, this is one of the harder blog posts I have chosen to write. Why?  I don't want to upset anyone, offend them or even seem ungrateful, so please please read this to the end and know I mean it with love … Continue reading Doesn’t matter, you will never understand…..

Where oh where have you been?!?… what happened in my week (and a bit) of silence.

So we went from blog posts EVERY day to falling off the face of the earth, well a few reasons, getting home from the Brompton, I was exhausted... so a nice chilled Friday prepping for Tattoo Saturday.... I have slowly (not through choice) been working on my sleeve.  So I have sat 4 times, with … Continue reading Where oh where have you been?!?… what happened in my week (and a bit) of silence.

Things that make you go…..

Ok Ok so I had to ask Arnie to help on this one .... but I think he says it best... when hes moaning and barking at the stupidness of the comments people make. As an asthmatic we often have to present at Accident and Emergency and normally end up in RESUS in a matter … Continue reading Things that make you go…..

End of stays…..

Well it is the end of that one ... for the moment.  It is really nice to get out of hospital early and with a further clean action plan. The wine is poured, the chocolate ready and Netflix is currently on pause whilst I write this blog on the last day in hospital. After starting … Continue reading End of stays…..

Wicked Wango Wednesday…

So it is the end of the third day here in the Brompton and for me it was beyond boring and slow.  I spent the first part of this morning having breakfast, getting showered and ready for the day. Once I was all ready and set up for the day, I had very little to … Continue reading Wicked Wango Wednesday…

Things that go bump in the night…

Last night I took my war paint off, changed into my Pajamas's, snuck out my power snack of Wine Gums and popped on some Netflix for a little solo Chill.  (FYI "You Get Me" not a good movie people).  The only other person in this Bay is off in the TV lounge with one of … Continue reading Things that go bump in the night…