Oh times are changing……

As some of you know… I do have a life outside of the blog.  In fact I work full time, whilst battling for my life on a daily basis.

Because of this I will be adding a couple more bloggers to this site to blog regularly, along with regular guest blogs… (if you are interested please reach out to easywheezybreathy@gmail.com)

Along with that I have been having a lot of people reach out surrounding content on the blog, how its helped, different comments which would be great for a lot of other people to see, so there has been a FaceBook Group opened Easy Wheezy Breathy, which I hope some of you will join, encourage others to join and carry on the discussions.  This blog isn’t just a place to vent any more, its starting to become a place where people can see that they are not alone.  A place for not only people that have breathing issues, but their friends and carers to see another side.

With that in mind I really want to encourage some of the people that live through this with us to blog too, I would love to have on on here and love you all in the group.

The more we talk openly about things, the less scary the become and also the more they could help in the future.

Mainly I want to thank you all, I never thought I would help one person, never mind the people I have.  The support from friends, family and strangers has been amazing, never mind helped to get me though some tough times.

Loves and huggles xx Lynn xx


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