I love to go a-wandering, Along the mountain track, And as I go, I love to sing, My knapsack on my back……..

This weekend was a case of just what the Doctor ordered, its given me a complete fresh boost.  Since my Brittle Asthma decided to take over my life, I have become trapped in a bubble (and a damn big RUT).

Like many people that live with something that has flare ups or hard periods our life becomes a circle of medical appointments, hospital wards, your bedroom/couch, missing out on things that your friends are going to.  The illness takes over and you loose sight of who you are.

A year ago I had the first major attack that left me in hospital for months, my Asthma had been controlled with a large amount of medications but I was stable, until collapsing at a festival. Fast forward 6 months and at that point I had to pull out of everything that I had planned. No more endurance hiking, no more lifting weights, no more festivals and concerts.

It has taken nearly a year to get this under some sort of control although I still have a way to go yet (as you can see from the post the other day when I was back in ITU **le sigh**). The thing is I was starting to be effected by being restricted, I don’t do well caged. With needing to work from home at the moment as the commute to London every day into the pollution may take its toll on my body, not being able to go to the gym, missing out on festivals has left me pretty isolated.

So this weekend I escaped to the country for a little bit.  After grabbing a ticket on Virgin Trains in First Class from London Euston, I settled back to enjoy the journey with semi-decent coffee, a special snack box, my iPod and a good read.

This was the first time I had used Virgin Trains and I must say I was pretty impressed, the service was great, the chairs comfy, in fact I am for sure going to use it again. The price wasn’t bad either, in fact if you don’t mind selecting a train in advance you can bag a first class return for the same/less than coach class.

The best thing about the train journey was watching the amazing scenery passing by, some of my favorite music, I was already feeling the stress leaving my body as I got further and further from London.

IMG_9285I almost didn’t want the train journey or the music to end, but I was soon at Manchester Piccadilly, heading to a glass of wine, movies and snuggles with Lord Arnie.

So when you are sitting with a movie buff and given them full control of the movie choice you know it is going to be good. First up was the movie Martyrs, which was really good despite making me jump a good few times.  It isn’t one  for everyone, so be sure you are ok with gory bits and maybe check the blurb on IMDB before you do, but I am glad I have seen it. I wont spoil it, but it is a good watch.

Next up was Seeking A Friend For The End of The World I must admit, by this point I was getting a littler tired, so I need to re-watch this one, this one is great for making you think, I mean if you had 30 days left before the world ended,  how would you spend it?Which also meant because we where talking about the film, we talked more than watched.  For me I would get people together who wanted to travel to some place high up, beautiful, explore for days, then watch the world end from the most amazing place I found.

Now being a London Girl, also spending most my time in a Hospital Ward, I am used to noise when I sleep, not so used to silence.  Some how though, maybe the wine and the time we went to bed helped, I had one of the best nights sleeps I had had in a while.

Lord ArnieI could have slept forever it seems, but as Lord Arnie needed food (so did we), it was time to get up.  Plus I am totally wrapped around Arnie’s little paw, this guy just has to look at me and he gets whatever he wants.

Between Bobby and I we cook up a full English Keto Breakfast. Yes people it is possible to have it, also to have one that caters to my food allergies!

We make a quick picnic, throw some stuff, my emergency medical kit, notes, snacks and things you wouldn’t even think of in to the rucksack, pop Arnie in the car and head off to Rivington Pike.

IMG_9297Now I used to hike every weekend for 20/30km up some crazy terrain and I have missed it. I miss being outdoors and exploring, so was uber excited to be able to get out.  After taking a really slow walk up the hill, too slow for some but at a pace that allowed me to be able to keep going and not be in any risk, the country air started to work its magic.   It looks pretty severe, but its a long incline path, we didn’t make it all the way up to the top as the last bit was too steep for me.  I felt a little defeated, but when I think back to where I have been, it was a massive achievement and with Pneumonia it was even harder.  I am just thankful I had Bobby with me and he wouldn’t let me do anything dangerous and was keeping a close eye on me, never mind carrying all the stuff. Once at the (semi) summit the view was AMAZING.



I could have stayed up there forever, I think we all could and yes Arnie was after more food…… and he got it.

The weather was getting a little chilly so was time to head down the hill and go on a little explore of the woods on the slower/easier trail down.


I am so glad we did, there are loads of ruins dotted about and being park of the West Pennine moors, if my body had let me we could have walked on forever. Every time we turned another corner there was something else to see, steps that led to hidden areas, it was an adventure.

When we got down to the bottom, finally found our way back to the road we stumbled across a little cafe, grabbed a chance to have a cold drink and some Ice Cream, YES people they had vegan ice-cream and so even I could have some. Arnie didn’t however get a look in, I was so excited to have some I ended up with brain freeze.

It was a shame that we where running out of time and head to head home, then after a quick change head back to London.

It was just what I needed and to me a perfect weekend, hiking, places to explore, snuggles with Arnie, good movies and company.  Most of all its reset my brain and allowed me to be able to cope with the stresses of the week, to refocus on what is important and know, despite everything I have been through and everything I am facing… I am the luckiest girl alive.


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