End of stays…..

IMG_8725Well it is the end of that one … for the moment.  It is really nice to get out of hospital early and with a further clean action plan. The wine is poured, the chocolate ready and Netflix is currently on pause whilst I write this blog on the last day in hospital.


After starting the morning with an AWESOME rash as I still have no anti-histamines … so here is the non makeup rash every place selfie.  I was told to start taking them again,

I had an amazing nights sleep from being on cPAP and the report shows that I needed it more than they thought, but because of it my stats stayed up a lot better and I work with less of a headache.

We where all chilling on the ward, no one really had anything to do today as we where just awaiting the results coming in.

Dinner was served and we where all tucked up having a post lunch nap when the consultants popped round and 3 of us got to go home.



I am  pending 3/4 tests to be carried out to be able to get all the results we need to make a full action plan. These however couldn’t be carried out such as a PC20 Challenge test as appointments where so backed up I couldn’t even get on the wait list, a Bronchoscopy which because of a chest infection they wanted to delay and a couple of absorption studies which need a little planning.

So I was happily allowed home a day sooner, with appointments for the next month as an Outpatient to get the last bits needed at this time.

What we have found out is that my sleep apnea is more than mild now and so I have my cPAP at home to help with that element, my food allergies have been confirmed (again) and so has my allergen to pollen and grasses, never mind pollutants.  My lung function is still good and I am showing no signs of COPD (at the moment). There are still a number of concerns about my dips in Oxygen but I am going to attend an Oxygen Clinic to have a couple more tests to see if Oxygen at home will help, or if it is something in the future. My upper airways have been checked and are clear as the cause of the attacks and so this can no longer be a concern to the teams in RESUS. My Rhinitis is still under control and all medications are pretty much on point at the moment.

So as we are still working on what the issues are fully we have a lot of clear answers on what it isn’t.  We have a clear treatment plan for the moment and we are in the next few weeks we have even more answers.


So for  now its back home to my nebuliser and new cPAP


Settling down and chilling with the stacks of medications I am on, knowing that this isn’t all in my head and this isn’t something that I can cause or bring on, is reassuring in a strange way.

Knowing that they are closer to finding out if IV steroids would be a better mix or if Prenisolone is no longer working which is what my bloods are showing, it may be time to come off that and switch which may manage this better.  All in all we have MASSIVE amounts of answers which we didn’t have before and we are closer to having this managed.

I want to thank all my  family and friends AGAIN for being there through everything, for helping me mentally cope when I am drained. I can continue to fight this physically because of the strength you all provide me.

Now, to stay attack free for another month and know that no matter what I will get my life back and we will work out how to manage this better. For now though….. its time to snuggle with the unicorns.

Loves xxxx


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