Wicked Wango Wednesday…

IMG_8666So it is the end of the third day here in the Brompton and for me it was beyond boring and slow.  I spent the first part of this morning having breakfast, getting showered and ready for the day.


Once I was all ready and set up for the day, I had very little to do after the morning observations as everyone disappeared off for their tests, i was on my own in the ward.

SOOOO I opened my my special hobnobs. made a cup of coffee and start to sew Unicorns.  Well to be honest it was something to do.


Later on that morning I had Physio and I am waiting to have some other tests which then need to fit in, so as I am on the waiting list I need to stay a little more on the ward than usual.


Physio turned up just as I was finishing unicorn number one… so as I talk to the physio and completing the questionnaires., before heading off to carry out some exercise tests.

First up was walking up and down a corridor as fast as you can, as many times as you can in 6 minutes whilst monitoring my SpO2 levels. We saw that although I didn’t wheeze, get tight or loose my breath, my oxygen levels dropped a lot during exercise and my heart rate sky rocketed.

After this we headed to the CPET room. Cardiopulmonary Exercise Testing (CPET) is a non-invasive method used to assess the performance of the heart and lungs at rest and during exercise. They hook you up to an ECG monitor and take a baseline measurement before you sit on the bike.   They  set up the a mouthpiece, before starting to peddle and breathing through a mouthpiece. You peddle at a pace they tell you whilst they take measurements on the ECG in the middle, all whilst measuring through the mouthpiece. You cycle for about 10 minutes… it is totally painless but I guess for some it will exhausting.  This test showed again my rise in Heart Rate and massive drop in oxygen.


Once we where done there we headed back to Lind Ward, once there I had a little lay down as we spent some time practicing my breathing from the diaphragm and popped on a nebuliser to help bring my oxygen levels back up.IMG_8670

Once Physio had left it was lunch time and back to finishing my Unicorn Pillow … now lunch I had asked for lots of veggies, I think I got the whole filed of carrots … however I soon got the pillow finished.

Even if it is for 4+ years old I am pretty proud of my pillow… so much so I started to level up my efforts and started on the sock unicorn…. boy that was a mistake.

A little way into it the upper airways team come and want to look at everything, So we start to talk and they have a little look at what they can.  We talked a lot about hypersensitivity and the triggers before planning a few tests. Including a second Challenge test to see how the upper airways are behaving and if there are any spasms there.


Afternoon obs bought round a new challenge my oxygen stats and peak flows where starting to drop and as much as we want a major attack, we had to wack in a quick nebuliser as we run some more obs we realize that I have a slight temperature and when reviewing an X-Ray I have a slight chest infection.

*** Le Sigh**

The afternoon is spent talking to my Consultant about the remainder of the tests we need to get into this week such as the Challenge Test,  Bronchoscopy, Biopsy and contrast CT scans.  Also the risks of carrying these out whilst I have a slight infection and what we should do.


We got round to finishing the sock unicorn…… which became a challenge in itself before dinner turned up.  I am pretty proud of this one considering the issues it had at some points in its creation.  In fact at one point it nearly ended up being thrown out of the window!!!!!!

I also  really cannot fault the Brompton for trying to find me food I can eat and preparing special menus on a daily basis.


Tonight was a roast chicken leg, Salad and boiled potatoes. Plus it was real chicken which in hospital seems to be a bonus.


After munching on down, the cPAP and night team turn up to fit me for my new mask.

Continuous IMG_8695positive airway pressure therapy (CPAP ) uses a machine to help a person who has obstructive sleep apnea breathe more easily during sleep. A CPAP machine increases air pressure in your throat so that your airway doesn’t collapse when you breathe in.

So hopefully tonight I will be sleeping a little better with the help of this machine, although I am a little concerned as my body has tended to reject this machine when I am in an attack, so will be interesting to see the results in the morning.

As you can see today has been a little slow on the Ward, we had a couple of new people come in who don’t seem to want to chat so the most of us now are sat in the TV Lounge, watching whatever is on to pass the time until we need to go to sleep.  Hopefully tomorrow will be the last day of testing and we can piece together all the major answers we have been getting to come up with a plan of action.



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